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Unsintered PTFE Specialty Tape


TFCO offers a wide variety of premium-grade, unsintered specialty tapes and films made of 100% PTFE. Manufactured by an extrusion process, our specialty tapes exhibit a high longitudinal tensile strength and a “full” density of 1.6 g/cc. We offer a wide range of widths, thicknesses and colors to fit almost any application. Our unsintered tapes are customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Our unsintered PTFE tapes have all the properties and benefits of PTFE, including excellent chemical resistance, temperature range from -450 deg F to 500 deg F, unlimited shelf life, and no aging or deterioration.


Typical Sizes and Colors
Width Range Colors
1/8" to 3" Natural (Unpigmented) Yellow
White Black
Red Orange
Blue Violet
NOTE: All color pigments are cadmium-free
Density 1.6 g/cc
Thicknesses Range 0.002" to 0.010"
Tensile Stength >1500 psi
Elongation >50%
Temperature Range -450 deg F to 500 deg F


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